Tomanek TAP8 with DC Blockers - power strip for audio equipment with a filters, DC blockers and a switch

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Tomanek TAP8 8-socket power strip with a switch for audio equipment, equipped with 6 sockets with Schaffner filters and separation of power sockets and in 2 DC-Blocker sockets.

TOMANEK AUDIO POWER model TAP8 with a switch, with 2 sockets equipped with DC-Blocker. 8-way power strip for audio equipment.

Power strip equipped with 8 Schuko sockets and IEC type input socket (6 sockets with Schaffner filters and 2 sockets with DC-Blockers).

Anti-interference protection of devices powered by TAP 8 is realized in the form of six independent Schaffner filters, which separate each device from the power source and from each other. Two sockets with a DC-blocker filter.

Such a connection gives a very high efficiency of suppression of interference and allows for a high current load of the strip (5 A for each socket, but not more than 16 A in total for all sockets). Therefore, the power strip can be used to power devices with high power consumption, e.g. power amplifiers, as well as all other components of the audio system.

A very solid power switch (On / Off type), withstand currents up to 16A, has been installed in the strip.

Two slots in the strip are equipped with the so-called DC-blockers, these sockets are dedicated to amplifiers equipped with traditional transformers.

DC-Blocker is a device whose task is to eliminate the undesirable DC component of the 230V supply voltage. The constant component is a ubiquitous phenomenon caused mainly by impulse devices (e.g. impulse power supplies) and all kinds of converters. In home conditions, this phenomenon may be caused by e.g. washing machine, TV internal power supplies, phone chargers, computer and laptop power supplies, etc.

The constant component has a negative impact on transformers in audio devices - it causes their core to become magnetized, which results in a significant increase in the volume of their operation (so-called hum), greater heating of the transformer and deformation of the sinusoidal voltage shape. All these negative effects of the presence of a DC component in the 230V network translate into deterioration of the parameters of power amplifiers and other audio devices. A secondary effect is also a significant increase in power consumption by audio devices, which is largely lost in the form of excessive transformer heating and an increase in the noise level of their power transformers.

DC-Blocker eliminates all negative effects of the presence of a constant component. Just plug them between the 230V socket and the device plug.

Sockets equipped with DC Blockers have a load capacity of 1035 W per one socket.

Construction: The skeleton of the rail is an aluminum, cast, powder-coated housing with dimensions of 220 x 145 x 50 mm. This structure provides the strip with very high durability and resistance to electromagnetic interference. Schaffner filters are placed on a common plate inside the housing.

We deliver the strip without a power cord. We encourage you to use our professional cables from the Audio Power TPC, Power TPC series or standard power cables.

Possible options:

  • Installation of sockets without filters.
  • Installation of sockets of other standards, e.g. UK, USA or others.

Technical Specifications:

  • Number of output sockets: 8
  • Type of output sockets: Schuko
  • Number of input sockets: 1
  • Input socket type: IEC
  • Switch: On / Off lever, load capacity up to 16A
  • Number of filters: 1 Schaffner filter for each slot with separation (for 6 slots)
  • Number of constant component filters (dc-blocker): 1 filter for each slot with separation (for 2 slots)
  • Housing material: die-cast aluminum
  • Color: black powder coated
  • Maximum load of sockets with Schaffner filter: 5 A
  • Maximum load of sockets with a DC-blocker: 1035 W per socket (approx. 4.5 A per socket)
  • Maximum load capacity of the entire strip: 16 A.
  • Dimensions (mm): 220 x 145 x 50
  • Weight (kg):
  • Black colour
  • Warranty: 24 months